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Nestor Alpha's team has years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry and specialises in NFT analytics and fraud prevention. With the help of our services, NFT projects can demonstrate their legitimacy and potential through official Nestor Alpha Badges and Certificates.

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Dox Audit
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In-Depth Research
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Verify your team through our rigid private identity and project verification system. Utilising our service will help you build community trust and enhance investor confidence.


Obtain a comprehensive report on all key aspects of your project, along with suggestions for improvement.  A qualified assessment by professionals who have examined and provided advice on numerous successful NFT projects.


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Streamlined to provide you with a Dox Badge within 48 hours while keeping a high standard of quality control. You'll only need to spend an hour of your time on the entire process.

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No matter the size of the project, the same procedure and Dox Badge requirements are used. The results of every verification are publicly available on our Projects List.

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The services we provide to you are supported by valid paperwork and in accordance with the law. We are legally obligated to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal data.

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Extreme measures are taken to ensure the safety of our clients. All of the sensitive information exchanged during the process is kept encrypted and is only accessed by qualified individuals.

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In-Depth Report

Get a well-structured, comprehensive report that provides a good summary of your project. The report includes your own responses to our findings to provide the investors a thorough knowledge of how your project operates.

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Acquiring our Audit Certificate and joining the Nestor Alpha family opens many doors. To improve your chances of success, we will assist you in making connections with reputable ecosystem partners.

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We ensure that the process is carried out as a two-way conversation, enabling you to explain all of the specifics of your project. During the interview we will discuss the potential risks discovered and possible solutions.

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The final audit report will be shared with DAO groups, NFT investors, launchpads, and influencers. You will be provided with an Audit Certificate, Twitter PR announcement, and other marketing activities.


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Pass a Know Your Customer procedure with a leading provider to confirm your identity.

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Video Call

Join us for a video call to perform live verifications of your social accounts and ownership of the project.

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Dox Badge

Get your Dox Badge, exposure on our Projects List, and a PR announcement on our official Twitter.


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Pass stage one of our vetting process to confirm your identity and ownership of the project.

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Join us for a discussion on your project during which you will have the opportunity to go into further detail about its ambitions.

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Audit Certificate & Report

Get your Audit Certificate, full Audit Report, exposure on our Projects List, and an advanced promotional package.

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