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Who is Nestor Alpha?

Nestor Alpha's team has years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry and specialises in NFT analytics and fraud prevention. With the help of our services, NFT projects can demonstrate their legitimacy and potential through official Nestor Alpha Badges and Certificates.

What has Nestor Alpha done previously?

We have been providing a research database for NFT communities of all chains, as well as analysis tools to many organizations and DAOs. 

We saw that the space lacked a trusted third party Audit and Dox Service and we have decided to fill that gap, going above and beyond to not only deliver a Dox service but also a detailed audit with our highlighted reasonings for our issuance so that investors are able to make their own decisions based on facts.

You can see projects that went through our vetting process on our Projects List.

What is the difference between Dox and Audit service?

Dox service's main function is to sign a legally binding contract to accept responsibility for your project and to confirm the team members' identities and ownership of the project. It serves as Stage One of our vetting system, with a Dox Badge as the end result. Dox service is a prerequisite for our Audit service and is provided as part of the Audit service order (at no additional cost).

The second stage of our vetting process is the Audit service. Along with the elements of the Dox service, it also includes in-depth research of the project and its team, analysis of the project, interview and discussion with all participants , an advanced promotional package, and a detailed PDF report that gives a good summary of your project. In addition to the Dox badge, projects that meet the minimum requirements receive our Audit Certificate.

For more information see our landing page, other FAQ sections, and our service comparison table below.

What are the advantages of legal support?

Having a vetting service with exceptional legal support has a number of benefits:

  • Legal accountability for project ownership is established through a set of legal contracts that enable us to keep project founders accountable for their actions in the court of law.
  • We are legally obligated to keep your personal information secure and never make it available to the public.
  • We have been audited by a certified GDPR officer, which verified that all our processes were GDPR compliant. To our knowledge, no other company in the space has completed the same process.
  • We are working with an international team of lawyers, who specialize in KYC, fraud prevention and AML and have previously worked for Bitstamp to help us improve our service.
How is your data protected?

Nestor Alpha is GDPR compliant and has been audited by a certified expert. We take care to treat your data carefully; additional security precautions are implemented, and only authorized individuals are allowed access to your data. Your full name, date of birth, and address will never be made public and will only be privately disclosed upon request made from authorities.

Learn more about the information we are gathering, what is being displayed, what it is being used for, and how long we can store it:

Why is it important that there is a company behind Nestor Alpha?

Legal entity allows us to maintain lawful relationships with our clients, and it shows that we are serious about our mission. We want to be a relevant player in the ecosystem for the foreseeable future and to that end, we want to become a go to service provider for KYC and Audit for firms across web2 and web3.

What happens if a project rugs?

Through the After-Rug Support System we intend to pursue the following objectives: 

  • Conducting independent research on the topic of rug pulls and other exploits in order to discover possible safeguards, protective measures, as well as future mitigation of damages caused by the rug pulls;
  • Preparing and issuing independent reports on the projects we consider to be involved in or conducting a hard rug pull;
  • Educating communities on how to report such fraudulent actions to local authorities with the intention of potentially triggering a criminal investigation and a lawsuit;
  • Helping communities with access to information and organisation needed for potentially filing a class action (collective lawsuit).

Note: After-Rug Support System is primarily in place for projects that have passed both stages of our vetting process and obtained a Nestor Alpha Audit Certificate.

Are our services available for post-mint projects?

Dox and Audit services are also available to post-mint projects. Not all successful projects gain their reputation on mint day. The majority of the most successful projects gained the trust and attracted investors by building consistently and proving they are worthy on their journey to the top. DeGods is the best example for this. So it is never too late to get audited during your journey to being a blue chip project.

What are eligible countries for our services?

Please see a list of all supported countries and document types on:

What blockchains do we support?

We support all chains including Solana, Ethereum, Flow, Polygon, BSC, NEAR.

Nestor Alpha Dox Service

What is Dox service?

Our Dox service's goal is to help projects build trust with their community by holding their team accountable for their actions, which will lessen the likelihood that investors will be defrauded of their money. To do that we sign a legal contract with each member participating in the process, verify their identity and social profiles, and confirm control and ownership over the key components of the project.

Projects that successfully complete our Dox process are given a Dox Badge which will be publicly displayed on our website along with other non-sensitive relevant information about the project and its team.

What are the requirements for Dox service?

Below are the requirements for projects to participate in our Dox process:

  • At minimum project’s lead (founder/CEO) verified
  • A maximum of 5 core members of the team verified
  • Age limit for participants is 18 years or older
  • At minimum a verification of participants’ identity (KYC)
  • At minimum a verification of project’s Discord Server, Twitter, and Website (if available)
  • For each project ownership verification at least one person in control is required to participate
What is a Dox Badge?

Projects that have met our minimum standards (Legal Accountability Tier 1) for stage one of the vetting process are given a Nestor Alpha Dox Badge. The Legal Accountability Tier, which is featured on the badge, indicates the likelihood of the project being successfully legally pursued in case of fraudulent and/or malicious activity. Additionally, the team members and project ownership verifications that were carried out during the procedure are shown on our website's Projects List.

What are the verifications done?

Each Dox process involves a number of verifications from us. Some of them are required, while others are not.

Team Members Verifications:

  • Identity
  • Proof of Address (optional)
  • Personal Discord (optional)
  • Personal Twitter (optional)

Project Ownership Verifications:

  • Discord Server
  • Twitter
  • Website (optional)
  • Company (optional)
  • Treasury Wallet (optional)
  • Mint Wallet (optional)

Learn more about each verification and how it improves our service:

What is the Legal Accountability System?

Our Legal Accountability System is divided into three tiers, based on our internal assessment on the possibility of holding the project's team members and/or associated legal entity liable in the event of fraudulent and/or malicious activity related to the project. The requirements for these tiers are based on the successful completion of the verifications by the project and its team members during the process.

The threshold for passing the Dox process is Tier 1, which is already thought to be sufficient for holding a project and its team members accountable for their actions. While Tier 1 is the most easily attained, Tier 3 is the most challenging and associated with the highest chance of legal pursuit. The level of legal accountability is indicated on our Nestor Alpha Dox Badge and on the Projects List.

Find out more about the requirements for each tier on:

Our team is self-doxed, why should we Dox?

The only method to ensure your genuine identity and enable us to verify other information provided, throughout both the Dox and Audit processes, is through private vetting with a trusted service provider. Additionally, by signing our service agreement, the project assumes responsibility for any fraudulent or malicious activity related to the project (e.g. hard rug). In the past, there have been numerous instances of sharing false social media profiles, most of which resulted in depressing outcomes for the investors.

Our project will mint for free, why should we Dox?

Even if your project is free to mint, establishing trust and showing your dedication to the project is a great way to build a community around your project. Although there will be no initial cash flow to your project, royalties from secondary sales can be a huge revenue source.

Nestor Alpha Audit Service

What is Audit service?

The goal of our Audit service is to give the project, the investors, and the launchpads a thorough analysis of the plan (roadmap objectives, timeline, utilities, mint strategy, etc.) and the team's current capacity to execute it (team structure, team experience and background, prior proof of work, etc.). It also offers helpful information on where and how to improve. This is accomplished by in-depth investigation, analysis, and interviewing, which yields a comprehensive Audit Report that is posted on our website. If the project meets our basic standards, it is also given an Audit Certificate, which is used to demonstrate the legitimacy and potential of the project.

What are the requirements for Audit service?

It is necessary for projects to go through the Dox procedure (free of charge) when applying for an Audit with Nestor Alpha. For this reason we use the same requirements for our Audit service as we do for the Dox service.

  • At minimum project’s lead (founder/CEO) verified
  • A maximum of 5 core members of the team verified
  • Age limit for participants is 18 years or older
  • At minimum a verification of participants’ identity (KYC)
  • At minimum a verification of project’s Discord Server, Twitter, and Website (if available)
  • For each project ownership verification at least one person in control is required to participate
Why is Dox a requirement for Audit service?

Our Dox and Audit services operate in conjunction while evaluating projects. Our opinion is that a project's legal responsibility and transparency are some of the most crucial factors to take into account while assessing the project. In order to acquire verifiable information that may be used for the audit process and to complete the legal risk assessments portion of the audit, it is necessary for projects to go through the Dox procedure when filing for an Audit with Nestor Alpha. Dox service is therefore included (free of charge) when signing up for the Audit service.

What is an Audit Certificate?

Nestor Alpha Dox Certificate is a recognition given to a project that has passed our vetting process. It indicates that the project has passed our minimum requirements for issuing a certificate. There are three ranks of the certificate (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) that showcase the project’s amount of legal accountability and risk assessed by our team. In addition to the certificate, a detailed report of the project’s vetting process will be available online. Document will serve as an additional look into the conversations that we have with the project owners, allowing the community to have a deeper understanding of the risks associated with the project and thought process of the Nestor Team.

More information and requirements for each rank are available on:

What are the Audit Certificate ranks?

Nestor Alpha Audit “Bronze Certificate” is the first level of recognition that a project can receive. These projects meet the requirements of what we envision to be the industry standard in the future. They have a solid foundation to develop further but they may be lacking in one or several departments


Nestor Alpha Audit “Silver Certificate” is the middle level of recognition that a project can receive. We envision these projects as the standard of this industry in the near future. They have taken all reasonable steps to provide a solid foundation for high level security and have disclosed the team members with key roles within the organisation. These projects are on a good path to become the leaders in their field. 


Nestor Alpha Audit “Gold Certificate” is the highest level of recognition that a project can receive. These projects are trailblazers that are moving the industry forward. They are truly prepared to be responsible for their actions as a team. Projects with a golden certificate have a well-designed plan and a structure that provides investors with the highest level of trust.

More information and requirements for each rank are available on:

What is an Audit Report?

The Nestor Alpha Audit Reports are a thorough overview of an NFT project and their auditing process. In order to aid projects in developing and to assist investors in determining where to invest their funds, we provide a transparent view and evaluation of the project’s team and their plan. To do that, we share information gathered through research and interviews, as well as giving our assessment of the findings. By confirming the identity and previous experience of the participants and conducting thorough interviews we offer a unique perspective on the project that is unmatched by anything else on the market.

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