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The Castle

Certificate rank: Silver
Audit date: 13/08/2022
Dox date: 13/08/2022
Blockchain: Solana

The Castle is a Platform where we integrate 2 worlds, the new upcoming projects in the Solana ecosystem, and on the other hand, the BIG DAO’s and Post-minted projects with their own utility Token. The new Projects are going to have the opportunity to sell their whitelist roles, and the holders of the DAO’s and Post-minted projects have the opportunity to buy them, using THEIR own utility token. Our token will integrate with Discord and accepts the collection token as the payment for a role. In addition, there will be an option to verify on Twitter and other socials as a complement to obtain the whitelist roles. The software will be integrated into Web3 and will have more future Functionalities for the upcoming projects and Post-minted Projects.

Verified members

Charly Crypto#6188
Lead Developer

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